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Enabling multi-language metadata support

This topic explains how to enable multi-language metadata support and important considerations to make in that regard.

How multilanguage XMP works

The XMP specification makes it possible to create language specific metadata fields so that users may input metadata in several different languages. Technically, an individual field is created for every language that is added to allow metadata input in that field, and users may then search fields-specifically in a given language.

A word of caution

The choice of whether or not to enable multilanguage metadata support should be made before you start creating custom metadata fields. Once a field has been created and is being used, switching multi-language support on or off for that field will make metadata "disappear" from a user's point of view. The reason for this is that when a field that has multilanguage support enabled, the XMP node that the text is stored in is slightly different from that of a field with no multilanguage support.

To avoid this confusion we advise against enabling multilanguage support for fields you are already actively using, and similarly you should not disable multilanguage support for a field where this has been enabled if users have already started inputting metadata in that field.

If you're a long time Fotoware user and you see the need to create a language specific field to complement one of your existing fields, you can solve this easily by creating a separate field and simply setting its label so users understand its purpose.

How to enable multilanguage support

Open the metadata configuration and click on the Languages node. As you can see the default language is English, and generally, if your main metadata is in English, there's no need to change this. Simply tick the additional languages you would like to enable.

Enabling additional language support

Assuming you have already created a namespace and custom fields, double-click on the field you'd like to enable multilanguage support for to open its properties and go to the Language tab. As you can see, No language alternatives is the default chosen setting. Switch this to either XMP Standard language alternatives or Language alternative Extension (Fotoware) depending on which is available. Then choose the language alternatives you'd like to enable for this field. You can also assign a Field ID number to easily locate the field when building a metadata editor later.

Enabling an additional language for a field

Click on OK to store the changes.



Even if you do not intend to create language specific fields, you can enable other languages here and create localized field labels. That way, if a FotoWeb user has a different browser language set, or if a FotoStation user uses another program language than English, the field label will appear in the local language:

Creating field labels in several languages

What's next?

Next, you probably want to start building metadata sets (editors) in FotoWeb and FotoStation so you can start using these fields.

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