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Using FotoWeb Taxonomy in FotoStation

Learn how to configure using FotoWeb taxonomies in FotoStation.

FotoStation can integrate with FotoWeb so that you can use the FotoWeb taxonomy in the QuickList dialog in FotoStation.

FotoStation is a very efficient tool for managing taxonomies - you can add new items, edit existing items, or import a complete FotoStation QuickList into the taxonomy. You can use FotoStation to maintain the taxonomy in FotoWeb so that the Fotoware system can have a single up-to-date taxonomy source for all applications.

When using this taxonomy integration, all the changes you make in FotoStation are immediately available in FotoWeb and vice versa.


To use this integration, you must first configure FotoWeb and FotoStation as described below.

Configuring FotoWeb

Configuring FotoStation

You must create a hierarchical QuickList file where you add your hostname and the relevant metadata field ID (and, optionally, a sorting command) to the QuickList file. In this case, the QuickList file acts as a proxy.

FotoStation uses the same QuickList filename convention to apply metadata from the taxonomy as from any other QuickList/linked list. You can even map to different fields following the QuickList naming conventions.

You can also apply multiple keywords with one click or prevent it by setting the #! APPLY_SELECTED_ONLY function

Example: 025.txt file configured to connect to the Keywords taxonomy (field 025):




  1. Add the first line above to the relevant QuickList file, replacing yoursite.fotoware.cloudwith your FotoWeb hostname and  025 with the metadata field ID to which you want to connect the taxonomy.
  2. Optionally, add #! SORT_SIBLINGS=1  or #! SORT_SIBLINGS=0. Select =1 to display an alphabetically sorted list or =0 to display an unsorted list in FotoStation. 
    If you do not add this line, the order will be the same as in FotoWeb.
  1. Save the text file.

You can now work with FotoWeb taxonomies in FotoStation.

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