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Configuring FotoStation to download its configuration from the network

 LEGACY NOTE: This guide describes legacy functionality in FotoStation. In new versions of FotoStation configurations are maintained and downloaded to the client over FWP. Please refer to Creating and maintaining centralized FotoStation configurations for updated documentation.

Configuring FotoStation to use the network configuration

To configure a FotoStation client to download a configuration from the network when it is started, open the File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac), choose Configuration, then click on the FotoStation Configuration node in the tree. Now select Log on and load configuration from a server and specify the path to the FotoStation Logon folder on the server where you stored the configuration. If FotoStation is running on a laptop that may sometimes be disconnected from the network, select the Enable Work offline option checkbox. Finally, click on the OK button to close the configuration window. Now you can quit and then restart FotoStation to use the central configuration.

Power tip

If you're managing a large number of configurations stored on the network, you can press and hold the Alt key when starting FotoStation to pick the logon folder to load the configuration from. This works both on Windows and Mac clients.

When deploying FotoStation in large network environments, you can pre-configure the deployment package so that FotoStation automatically connects to the network location where your configurations are stored. Read more about that in the deployment guide.