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Add soft crop sub action


Use this sub action to crop files to which you have applied a soft crop frame.


This sub action is used to perform the actual cropping of an image that has previously been soft-cropped. If an image without a soft crop frame is dropped on an action that involves applying a soft crop, the image is simply copied to the folder specified in the Save file field or to the system’s temporary folder if you are using the File format sub action.

Apply Soft Crop Options

The soft crop sub action has only one option: you can choose to display a window where the soft crop frame can be adjusted and you may set related options before the actual processing takes place. To enable this functionality, select the Always open crop window checkbox.

Sequence considerations

As with all image processing sub actions, you must be careful when specifying the order in which the sub actions should be performed. This is especially important for the Apply soft crop sub action. This sub action should be performed before all other image processing sub actions.

If you select the Always open crop window checkbox, an error message will be displayed if any image processing sub actions are performed before the Apply soft crop sub action. The action in question can’t be performed and is terminated.

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