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Copy via FWP

The Copy via FWP action enables FotoStation to upload files directly to an Index Manager archive over the FWP protocol. That way, the FotoStation Client only needs access to the Index Manager server, and does not require SMB access to Index Manager's document folders to send files to the archives.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) can be added by specifying the port used for encrypted connections in the server's settings in the Operations Center.


  • Copy via FWP can be used to copy assets between endpoints/servers, but will result in the file being downloaded to the client and then uploaded to the destination.
  • Copy via FWP and Move via FWP are optimized when they're not combined with other sub actions. When processing a batch of assets with Copy or Move via FWP, the entire operation will be issued to the server as a single request, improving performance drastically.

Sub action options

Index Manager Archive - Click on the Browse button to open the browser dialog. Then type in the server name and optional port number in the Server field, for example fwps://imserver:7001 and click on the Refresh button to list the available indexes on the server. Then click on the index you wish to upload to and hit OK to store the settings.

Choice of destination folder - Since an index can contain a number of document folders, you now need to specify the document folder where the uploaded files should be stored. You can either choose a preset destination folder inside the index, or have FotoStation display a folder selection dialog every time the action is run.

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