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Configuring email pickup

How to configure a source mail account for email pickup.

Options for source mail accounts

In the Connect Settings app, go to Servers and open the server (double-click) you want to define as the source server for emails. 


Email pickup metadata mapping.png

To use the mail account as a channel input, go to the Metadata config tab to set up the mapping of email content to metadata fields. This allows you to extract the information in the message and store it as metadata in the XMP fields you specify.

Note: Field mapping is one-to-one, so each email field needs to be mapped to a unique XMP field. You cannot map all email information to a single XMP field.



On the Options tab, you can choose how Connect handles the emails that have been processed. You can select to delete them from the server or to leave them on the server and mark them as read, depending on whether you're configuring a POP or an IMAP connection.

If you have enabled POP email pickup and SMTP sending, you can forward a copy of the message to a separate email address using the Forward message option.

With an IMAP connection enabled for mail pickup and an SMTP connection enabled for outgoing emails, you can choose between marking the processed email as read to prevent it from being processed again or deleting it altogether, or you can choose to move the email to another folder in the IMAP structure.

On the Options tab, you can also enable virus scanning for all files that are downloaded from the email server. The virus scanning settings are configured in the Service Options tab, for more information, see Scanning transferred files for viruses.

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