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Cleanup of user data after deleting users or groups

This topic explains what happens to associated data when users or groups are deleted from the FotoWeb site.

When deleting a user in the FotoWeb site configuration, the user is marked as deleted and will no longer appear in lists and search results.

In addition, this data is affected:

Data Description Action
Albums User created albums Albums are immediately marked as deleted and will be unavailable. Will be purged after a number of days.
Album shares Albums owned by deleted user, shared with others Album shares will be removed after 4 days
Comments Comments added to assets by a deleted user Comments are preserved and retain user's full name
Group memberships Groups of which the user was a member Deleted after 4 days
User preferences Various preferences related to user Deleted after 4 days
Bookmarks User's bookmarks in FotoWeb Pro Deleted after 4 days.
CMS exports Assets exported for use on a CMS by the user Exported assets are still available and can be revoked by any other user with the required permissions. 
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