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FotoWeb user types

​Fotoware has a differentiated set of users that cater to different needs.

You can compare the functionality available with the different license types in this license comparison table.

Main user

An authenticated user that has all the features available in the main Fotoware user interface.

Remarks: Requires a Main user license for Fotoware. 

Note: Main user licenses are valid per site. For example, if you have 500 main users and two sites, you need 1000 licenses.

See the functionality comparison here.

Pro user

An authenticated, named user with all the functionality of the lower tiers and access to additional features in the Fotoware Pro interface and the main interface.

Remarks: Requires a Pro user license for Fotoware.

See the functionality comparison here.

Guest user

An unauthenticated user that has very limited access to the site.

Rights: Browse, Search and Download. These are the maximum rights of the guest user. Archives still have to be configured for guest access by granting Everyone access.

Remarks: Fotoware Professional and Enterprise have unlimited Guest users, with the total number of concurrent users dependent on server resources.