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FotoWeb user types

​FotoWare has a differentiated set of users that cater for different needs.

A comparison of the functionality available with the different license types can be found in this license comparison table.

Guest user

An unauthenticated user that has very limited access to the site.

Rights: Browse, Search and Download. These are the maximum rights of the guest user. Archives still have to be configured for guest access by granting Everyone access.

Remarks: FotoWare Standard has 300 guest users, FotoWare Professional and Enterprise have unlimited Guest users.

FotoWare Main User

An authenticated user that has all the features available in the main FotoWare user interface.

Remarks: FotoWare Standard has 300 guests, FotoWare Professional and Enterprise have unlimited guest users.

See the functionality comparison here.

Pro User

An authenticated, named user with all the functionality of the lower tiers and access to additional features in the FotoWare Pro interface and the main interface.

Remarks: Requires a Pro user license for FotoWare.

See the functionality comparison here.

Named vs Concurrent users

When creating user accounts in FotoWare, you can assign a license type from the above types and choose between named and concurrent licensing.

Every FotoWare system (which can have several sites) has a certain number of user licenses.
Only the legacy FotoWare Cameleon supports concurrent licenses. All other FotoWare versions have named user licenses only.

Named users
Example: With 10 named user licenses, you can create a maximum of 10 users on the FotoWare system. 

If you create more users than the system allows, the FotoWare log will display an error, and some of the users will have trouble signing in, since they cannot be assigned a license.

Concurrent users
With Concurrent user licenses, FotoWare counts the number of simultaneously logged-in users and will only allow the licensed number of active Standard, Plus and Pro users on the system at any one time.

However, you can create as many user accounts on the system as you'd like - FotoWare will simply make sure that no more than the licensed number of Standard, Plus and Pro users can log on to the system at the same time.

It's important to note that even with concurrent licenses, each user must have a unique user account, since users cannot share login credentials.

Each user can only have one concurrent browser session, meaning that if she tries to log in to FotoWare  while she's already logged in on another workstation, she will be denied access until the currently active session in terminated (by logging out). However, the system does allow simultaneous use of mobile apps, embeddable widgets, FotoWare Desktop and its plugins/extensions and access via the FotoWare API.