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Specifying default license types for users and groups

FotoWeb has different license types to cater for different types of users. Learn how to assign a license to a group or a user.

A user can be assigned a license individually and/or based on the group(s) he belongs to.

This way it is possible to override a license that has been issued through group membership by assigning a higher license level individually.

Important: The license type set on the user level takes precedence over the one set on the group level.

For convenience a full comparison of the functionality available with the different user licenses can be found here.

Assigning a license to a user

To set a license type for individual users, go to the Site configuration, open the User properties and choose the License from the drop-down menu in the Licensing section.

Assigning a license type to a group

When creating a group you have the possibility to choose a license type for that group. The license type controls which functionality the users in that group can access and which user interface they're allowed to use.

The default license on a group only determines what license is assigned to a user when that user:

  • is an AD user that logs in for the first time (import from AD)
  • is a user from an external authentication provider (Azure AD, SAML, IWA) who logs in for the first time
  • has signed up using self sign-up

Note that changing the license type for a group has no effect on users who have already been imported into FotoWeb. To change the license type of these users, you need to change the license type explicitly for the users in question.

Tip: You can select several users in the User list in the Operations Center and click on the Edit users button to assign a new license to all the selected users.

When a user is a member several groups with different licenses

If a user belongs to several groups to which different license types have been assigned, FotoWeb has a prioritization order that works as follows:



Named Pro User
Concurrent Pro User
Named FotoWare Main User
Concurrent FotoWare Main User


Example 1

A user is a member of the following groups:
Group 1: Named FotoWare Main User license
Group 2: Concurrent Pro license
=> User gets Concurrent Pro license, because Pro is a higher license level than FotoWare Main User.

Example 2

The user is a member of the following groups:
Group 1: Named FotoWare Main User License
Group 2: Concurrent FotoWare Main User license
=> User gets Named FotoWare Main User license, because a Named license wins over a Concurrent license.


Licenses are not "combined" from different groups. FotoWeb finds the group with the "best" license and applies the license level and license mode (named/concurrent) from that group to the user. In example 1 above, the user does not get a Named Pro license, because no group offers a Named Pro license. The best available license is Concurrent Pro from Group 2, Group 1 does offer a named license, but it has a lower license level, so it is ignored.