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FotoWeb Licensing

FotoWeb licensing is modular, making it possible to acquire a system that includes the exact pieces needed to build a DAM system that suits your organization.

FotoWeb server licensing

FotoWeb is licensed per server. It is installed with Index Manager, the file system crawler that detects changes and updates FotoWeb. Whether FotoWeb and Index Manager are installed on the same or different servers typically depends on the expected server load.

Server licenses and add-ons

FotoWeb server licenses and modules


FotoWeb Standard


  • 1 site
  • 5 named Fotoware Main users included
  • Guest access - max 300 guests


Additional Fotoware Main and Fotoware Pro users are available to purchase. For more information about user types, see FotoWeb user types.

FotoWeb Professional


  • 3 sites
  • 1000 named Fotoware Main users included (can be split across the 3 sites)
  • Unlimited guest user access


Additional Fotoware Main and Fotoware Pro users available to purchase.

For more information about different user types, see FotoWeb user types

Index Manager Index Manager is a crawling server and high-speed search engine working server and high-speed search engine working in the background, continuously updating metadata and scanning new content.

For more information, see Index Manager.
Color Factory

Color Factory is a high-efficiency server application that has been specifically designed to automate the processing of large volumes of digital images and PDF documents.

For more information, see Color Factory

Connect Connect is a file transfer automation server. It monitors multiple inputs and distributes files from local or network folders, FTP sites, FotoWeb and Index Manager servers, or even email mailboxes.

For more information, see Connect.

Audio-Video module

A video module for transcoding audio and video and extracting key frames.

For more information, see Audio and Video support.

Additional site license (option)

Each additional site that runs on the FotoWeb server requires an extra site license.

API Access license (option)

The API license is required to create third-party integrations with FotoWeb using the RESTful API. Valid for all licensed users. It also provides access to

  • Selection Widget and API calls for custom CMS integrations
  • System webhooks for notification of system-wide events, configurable in the Integrations section of the FotoWeb site configuration.

For more information, see Fotoware API.

Consent Management A consent form solution that allows organizations to quickly and easily gather and manage consent from users. For example, this can be useful for ensuring GDPR compliance in the organization.
For more information, see Consent Management.

Client licensing

On the client side, FotoWeb comes with two types of user licenses: Fotoware Main users and Fotoware Pro users. For more information bout user types, see FotoWeb user types.