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Cropping and downloading pictures

Note: This feature requires a Fotoware Main user license. It is not available to FotoWeb Legacy users.

Administrators can configure archives to allow users or groups to crop and size pictures directly in the browser before downloading them. The original file in the archive is left untouched. This feature relies on the Crop & Download permission set on the archive's access list.

When a user chooses to download a file, the Crop window opens where they can choose a processing profile, adjust and rotate the crop, and set a size or aspect before proceeding. If several images are selected for download, the user is prompted to set crop options for each image before a ready-processed zip file is downloaded.

Cropping an image

Crop and download button.png

Select one or more images and select Crop & Download in the action bar. If your selection contains non-image files, the Crop & Download option is not available.

Cropping and sizing

Set the crop by dragging a frame around the area you'd like to keep. You can also rotate the crop by placing the cursor outside the crop frame and dragging.

Basic crop frame - small.png

Specify a pixel size by setting width or height, or both. You can set one value and let the other be determined by the crop, or you can lock the aspect by setting both width and height.

If you specify both locking both width and height, a crop frame will be applied that matches the proportions, and you can size and place it afterwards to match the area you'd like to keep.

If the chosen processing profile has been configured to resample the picture to a certain pixel size, the height and width values are used to designate an aspect, not the actual pixel size, since the final pixel size is determined by the processing profile.

Select Reset crop to reset the crop frame.

Tip: Rotate the crop frame by clicking outside it and dragging.

Resetting the crop

To reset the crop, select Reset. If you've locked either width or height, those measurements remain. To completely revert the crop window to the outset: reset all settings, open the Presets menu, and select Revert.

Image processing

Choose a Processing Profile that suits the intended use of the image.

Crop and download - choose processing profile.png

Depending on the download settings in the archive, a processing profile may have been preset, in which case the user cannot override it when performing a Crop & Download.
It is also possible to configure the archive so that the user can choose from a selection of processing profiles set by the system administrator.

Downloading the cropped picture

Finally, select Download to process and download the file immediately.

Tip: When selecting several images for download, you can set your options for one file at a time and select Next to proceed. Your selected preset will be remembered when the next image loads. When you've made your choice for all the images, they will be processed and zipped before delivery.

Creating a crop preset

All users can create crop presets that store their preferred processing profile, chosen crop and image dimensions so that it's easy to apply the same settings later.

Crop and download - Presets menu.png

Presets store the pixel width, pixel height, and choice of processing profile. This leaves it up to the user to place the crop frame in the picture.
As noted above, if the pixel width and height are both locked, they denote an aspect if the associated processing profile is set to resample the pixel size. This is indicated by Width and Height values changing to Aspect. while the actual pixel width and height are determined by the associated processing profile.

Having set your preferred crop and size, select Presets and choose Create preset. Then name the preset and select OK. The new preset is stored and available in the Presets menu for another time.

Note: Crop presets for the Crop & Download feature are separate from the presets used for Crop in Actions.

Clearing a selected crop preset

To clear all settings in the crop window and revert to the outset, open the Presets menu and choose Revert.

Sharing a crop preset

Crop and Download - Saving a preset.png

A user can share a preset when saving it by enabling the Shared option in the Save dialog.

Shared presets are made available to all other users with access to the crop and download feature.

If you choose the Lock settings option when sharing a preset, anyone who uses the preset can change the crop frame and rotation, but they cannot change the selected processing profile or pixel size and aspect.

When the settings aren't locked, the user can override the choice of processing profile and pixel/aspect ratio.

Controlling who can share presets

For users to be able to share presets with others, the Share crop presets group permission must be set on one of the groups that the user belongs to. 
Existing shared presets can only be deleted by users who have the Share crop presets group permission assigned.