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Adding fields to a namespace

Having created a namespace you can start creating fields and choosing their content types.

Creating new fields

Start by right-clicking on the namespace you created and choose Add new field... from the context menu.

Data type

In the window that opens you can now choose the data type for that field - there are several types to choose from:

Setting the data type of a new field

  • Text - Allows any text or combination of text and other characters and numbers to be input in the field. You can set the maximum number of characters allowed in the field, and if you'd like the field to appear as a sizeable box you can choose Display as a multiline field.
  • Integer - Allows only integers (whole numbers) and you can specify a minimum and maximum value for the field.
  • Real - Lets users input real numbers, including numbers with decimals. You can specify the minimum and maximum allowed value.
  • Date - Makes the field a date field. Users will see the date field formatted according to their operating system's regional settings, while data date format is always stored as yyyymmdd in the XMP.
  • Boolean - Makes the field a boolean. This will allow users to choose between the two values True and False. (not 0 and 1 as one might expect)

Regular expression

To enforce a certain input format in the field, you can define a regular expression. The expression can then be tested using the test field below, where the field will go red if the input is not valid, and green when it is. For help on creating regular expressions, we recommend studying this Wikipedia article on regular expressions (external link, opens in new tab).


Regex validation rules set in the Metadata Configuration is currently only honored by FotoStation, not FotoWeb.

Field name and type

Next, go to the Storage (XMP) tab.

MDC - choosing the field name

Now enter a Field name. This name is only used internally in the XML file, and is not visible anywhere else. You will set a label that is visible to users later. Use only letters (upper or lower case) and numbers for the field name. It may not begin with a number or contain spaces.

Field type controls what type the field should be. Your choices are:

  • Single: A single line of text. This is the format previously used for almost all IPTC fields. Note that the field’s length is set in the window on the Format page.
  • Single (struct member): Same as for Single, but this field type, together with some other fields, belongs to a group (a “structure”). An example could be a group of address information (the struct would be “address”) where the fields Street name, Street number, Zip code, City, and Country would be Single (struct member).
  • Sequence: This is a repeatable field (bag) where the sequence in which the metadata is entered is saved.
  • Bag: This field is a repeatable field in the same way as the Sequence type, but where the order in which the metadata is entered is irrelevant. Typical bag fields are Keywords and Supplemental category that are part of the default metadata configuration that ships with the FotoWare software.
  • Bag of struct: Currently only available for use in FotoStation. Learn how to set up and use bag of struct.

For most fields you will typically use the Single or Bag type fields. 

Field ID and display name

Setting a field ID and a display name

Next, you'll want to assign a label to the field. The label is the field name that the user sees in the metadata editors throughout the FotoWare system. Go to the Field ID tab to set these.

ID: The ID number is used internally in the FotoWare applications for metadata editors, print templates, etc. When you create a new field you can choose an id number from the drop-down list. Only available (i.e. unused) id numbers will be shown in the drop-down list. Custom fields may only be assigned an ID of 500 or higher.

Display name: This is where you choose the label that the users see in text editors and panels throughout the software. If you have enabled additional languages on the Languages node in the metadata configuration you can even assign a localized label that will be shown if the users has chosen another program language or browser language than English.


Having set all the field properties, click on OK to store the field.

Save your changes and restart services

After creating all the new fields you require, save the changes (File menu - Save configuration).

If the FotoWare services are running on the server, you will need to restart them all, including the Operations Center service, to load the new field definitions.

Also, Index Manager's indexes will need to be completely rebuilt to "see" the new fields. If Index Manager runs on another server than the one where you made changes to the Metadata configuration, you will need to export the field definitions to the other server and then restart the Index Manager service and rebuild indexes there. See instructions below.

What's next?

Having created new metadata fields you need to understand how to make all FotoWare servers and client applications use the new field definitions.

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