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Index maintenance

Learn how to configure index maintenance to make your system perform at its best.

Index optimization

An index, much like a file system, becomes fragmented as files are added and removed from it. Index Optimization is a process in which the index is defragmented and optimized to deliver fast search results. As a system administrator you can configure indexes for automatic optimization at a time of day when user's aren't actively accessing the index. You can also manually optimize an index on demand.

Learn more about scheduling and manually invoking index optimization.

Rescanning the document folders of an index

If you suspect that content in your document folders has not been indexed by the Index Manager server and been made available to clients, you can rescan the content of the document folders. This should not normally be necessary, but can occur in some very special cases where the amount of I/O on the drives that hold the document folders causes the file system to fail to report all activity to the Index Manager server. Read more about document folder rescanning and its uses.

Completely rebuilding an index

Normally, completely rebuilding an index will not be necessarily. If disk failure has caused the index to become corrupted, though, you may find it necessary to completely rebuild an index after restoring your backup to a new, operational server.

Rebuilding an index may also become necessary if you have modified the contents of some of Index Manager's control files, for example by enabling the thesaurus or modifying the list of noise words that are excluded from indexing.

In this case, you should first read up on the implications of rebuilding the index.

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