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What is the Operations Center

FotoWare Operations Center is the web-based interface used to monitor and configure all the FotoWare applications that are installed on a server. It provides a fast and convenient way to get an overview of server activity and provides system operators with easy access to start and stop services and enable or disable channels in installed server applications. Because it runs in a web browser, any user that has been given access to configure the services log on to the operations center from anywhere in the network (SSO also available) and monitor activity and change server settings.

Note: The Operations Center is automatically installed when you install any FotoWare server application.

FotoWare Operations Center status screen

The available modules in the Operations Center will vary depending on which FotoWare applications you have installed on the server. Each installed FotoWare application plugs into the interface to allow an administrator to read out information about the server applications's activity and configure it. To be allowed to go beyond the Operations Center plugin and actually configure the server applications you need to be a member of the FotoWare Administrators group on the Windows server.

Most importantly, though, the Operations Center lets you set the global method of authentication and which account you want the server to use as its Process Account. This is the account that runs all the FotoWare processes on the system.

Learn more about controlling access to the Operations Center.

FotoWare application status pages

Each installed FotoWare application gets a status page in the Operations Center. This can be accessed by clicking on one of the tabs at the top of the Operations Center window. Each status page communicates with the server applications and updates the server activity in real-time.

The functionality of each status page will vary depending on the type of application you have installed. Typically, an operator is allowed to start, stop and restart a server's services and start and stop individual processes, such as processing channels, on that server. However, he may not alter the overall configuration, i.e. the workflow that has been configured on that server.

In order to configure a server application, you must be a member of the FotoWare Administrators group. Configuration of server applications is not covered in this user guide - it will be addressed separately in the documentation included with each application.

Log viewers

The log viewer on the Status page shows messages from all the installed FotoWare services on the machine. To display log entries from a specific server application, click on the server application's icon at the top of the screen and then select the log viewer tab on that application's status screen. The application log is more specific than the log seen on the global Status screen in the Operations Center.

Tip: To copy a log entry to the clipboard click on it in the list and press Ctrl-C. It can then be pasted into a document or an email, for example to send a complete error message to FotoWare Support to help troubleshoot an issue.

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