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Configuring server ports for communications

Generally there is no need to change port numbers, but if you should need to do so you can manually set the port number by opening the Server Settings tab in the Operations Center and manually entering port numbers on the Host tab. Make sure you click on Save at the bottom of the page after making changes.

Configuring communications ports in the Operations Center

When changing the communication port you will need to manually restart the FotoWare server applications that run on the server to get them to run on the new port. You may also need to reconfigure parts of your system:

FotoStation clients may have been set up to connect to Index Manager using port 7000. Hence, all archives that point to Index Manager using this port will need to be reconfigured. Refer to the FotoStation documentation to see how that is done.

Index Manager Unions may need to be set up again if they connect to indexes over fwp protocol on a given port number. More information can be found in the Unions topic in the Index Manager documentation.

FotoWeb connections to Index Manager over fwp may need to be reconfigured if they have previously used the standard port 7000. Read more about this in the archive configuration topic in the FotoWeb documentation.

Connecting clients using a secure connection

To connect a client such as FotoStation or FotoWeb to Index Manager using a secure connection, prefix the server path with fwps:// - for example fwps://imserver:7001

Enforcing secure connections

Go to the Server Settings tab in the Operations Center and tick the box labeled Require SSL from clients. Then, the server will not respond to communications on the non-encrypted port. I.e. FotoStation clients, FotoWeb clients and users accessing the Operations Center to configure services have to connect on the secured port (7001 by default).

Important: While it is possible to use a self-signed certificate in Operations Center, we strongly advise against it in a production environment. Future clients will check the validity of the certificate and reject SSL connections to servers that employ a self-signed certificate. 
Learn how to import and use a separate certificate obtained from a trusted source.

Learn more about securing the FotoWare installation.