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Creating a duplicate of a revision

Learn how to create a new asset based on an existing asset version - practical if you'd like to create a derivative work from an existing asset.


Access requirement: To work with version control you need access to the index(es) and you must create an archive that points to the index(es) for which version control is enabled.  


At times you may want to create a duplicate of a certain version of an asset. Duplicating a version creates a new file from that version, it does not create a new version of the current file.

To do so:

  1. Open Version control for the asset and select the version you would like to duplicate. 
  2. Select Duplicate. A message appears asking you to confirm the action. Select Yes to continue. 
  3. A message appears informing you that a copy of the selected version was successfully added to the archive. 
  4. Close the Version control window to see the duplicated file. It has _Copy appended to the file name.

In the Version control view you can also: 

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