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Restoring metadata for an asset version

Learn how to restore metadata for a  previous version of an asset.


Access requirement: To work with version control you need access to the index(es) and you must create an archive that points to the index(es) for which version control is enabled.  


In FotoStation, you can restore the version's metadata or restore both content and metadata for a version. You can use this functionality for all versions of an asset except the current version.

To restore metadata:

  1. Open Version control for the asset and select the version to restore. 
  2. Select Restore metadata. The Restore metadata dialog opens.

  3. Select the fields you would like to restore, or select Select all to restore all of the listed fields.  You can select all or choose one or more of the available fields. .
  4. Merge content of bag fields is selected by default. This appends any existing bag field content. If this option is unselected, existing content in bag fields is replaced.  
  5. Select Restore.
  6. The Restore metadata dialog closes. The new version (Current) is displayed with metadata from the selected version and the comment field states: Restored selected metadata from version #. The former (Current) version is listed underneath the new version.

In the Version control view you can also: 

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