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Introduction to Fotoware User Management

Fotoware uses several technologies to facilitate the management of large volumes of users. These methods can also be combined to cater for internal and external users who require access to the site.

  • Integration with an existing corporate user directory: By connecting Fotoware to the existing directory structure, users and groups can be managed in one place and imported into Fotoware automatically. Combine this with single sign-on for a seamless user experience.
  • Email invitations to sign up users or entire teams: This can be useful to sign up external users who require occasional access to the site but who are not part of your corporate user directory
  • Self-registration for users coming to the site, with additional approval by a system manager: Allows users to sign up for an account on the site, with an optional step where the registration must be approved by a system manager before access is granted.
  • Manual creation and management of users and groups in the Fotoware user management console.

Who can manage users and groups?

Access to the Users and Groups management is controlled by the Manage users permission, which is set on the group level in the user management console.

The administrative account first registered during deployment becomes the site owner and has full rights on the site. The site owner can give additional groups access to manage users and groups.