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Enabling users to sign up for an account


An administrator can configure the FotoWeb site to allow users to sign up for an account if they don't already have one.

Especially on public sites where there's no Active Directory to manage user authentication it may be practical to allow users to sign up for an account themselves.

Video: Enabling users to sign up to FotoWeb

Written instructions for configuring user signup can be found below. For a quick overview, watch this video first. It covers:

  • How to enable and configure online user registration
  • How the signup process works step by step
  • How administrators can approve pending signups



This functionality can be enabled in the FotoWeb site configuration in the Operations Center: Go to the Settings tab and expand the Behavior group, and then select the Signup node.

Select the Enable online sign-up checkbox and set additional requirements.

Settings that control requirements for users who sign up online for a FotoWeb account

Allowing signups only by invitation

When you have chosen to enable online signup, the sign up link will be visible when users go to the FotoWeb site and are greeted by the login page. The system can also be configured to only allow signups by invitation, by choosing the option to Require invitation from administrator. This will remove the sign up link from the login page, and ensure that only users who have been invited to sign up may create an account on the site.

Assigning group membership to users who sign up online

When enabling users to sign up online you also need to specify which group(s) they will belong to. Group membership controls their type of license, access to archives and workflows and album sharing options. Click on Add group and choose which groups they should be added to. You can select several groups at once by Ctrl-clicking groups in the list.

Note: If signed up users are not added to any groups (other than the mandatory Everyone and Registered Users groups), they will be assigned a Standard named user license.

Users must accept Terms and Conditions: Enable this to require users to accept the terms and conditions set forth on the site.  Then enter the terms and conditions you would like to appear using Markdown syntax. (For help on Markdown, see here.)

Requiring an administrator's approval of signups

Signups can be completed with or without administrator approval. When admin approval is required (by ticking the option to Require administrator approval) users who have been given permissions to approve pending signups will be notified of any pending signups in the FotoWeb user interface. (S)he can then approve or reject each signup. If you'd like to give the administrator the possibility to assign additional groups to new users, tick the option Administrator can assign groups upon approval.

There's also a separate option to require approval for invited users. That way, you can control whether users or organizations that are invited to sign up require additional approval before their account is activated. By default, users who receive an invitation to sign up need not be approved.

Required user information

Next, choose which fields new users need to fill in before their account is created. It's possible to enable several fields and only making some of them required. Custom fields can also be created to include information pertaining to the local system.

Required information can be in the form of plain text, a checkbox or a dropdown offering several choices. When using the latter, you can define the entries in the drop down list by clicking on the ... button labeled Values.

Having set the required registration details, click on the Save button in the bottom right corner to enable user sign-up.

When users access the site, they will now have the option to click on the Register link on the login page.

Note: First name, Last name, Email address and Password are always required; users signing up will be requested to enter this information first. Additional fields you configure as required will be filled in when the user validates the account by following a link sent to his/her email address. 

Registered users log on using their email address and password

The user's email address becomes the username which should be used to log in.

Setting a password policy for users

All users are required to choose a password for accessing the site. A password policy can be set as described in this article.