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How workflows are set up in Connect

Connect is a file flow server application and as such may require some planning before you start configuring it. However, it has been made to make it easy to get started by letting you dynamically change the server and folder locations of your channels if that is called for. However, since setting up a channel is a process that involves several steps, the below procedure will help you get started in a few steps.

  • Access the Connect configuration.
    Having launched the Operations Center, go to the Connect tab and click on Configure to set it up. For single sign-on to function you will need to add the connect server to your local intranet zone in Internet Explorer.
  • Configure your servers and folders.
    You will need to set up your servers and any access credentials required to access the server. Depending on the type of server connection you wish to make, refer to one of these documents: Local file serverNetwork server (SMB protocol)FTP serverFotoWeb server, Email server.
  • Define any additional routing that you want to apply to the channel to place files in subfolders inside the destination folder.
    Depending on the type of routing you would like, refer to one of these topics: Prefix routing, Folder Size Routing, or File Type Routing.
  • Create a channel where you combine the source and destination folders and apply any additional routing.
    Read more about creating channels here.