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FotoWare Release history - build numbers and new functionality

  • This article lists the build numbers of the individual FotoWare 8.0 Feature Releases and the new functionality introduced with each release.

Updates are available to all customers covered by an Agreement.

Looking for FotoWare SaaS updates?

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FotoWare On-Prem Feature Releases

Feature Release 17

September 2021

Product build numbers: 

FotoWare 8.0 build 1062




  • MongoDB updated from version 2.6 to version 4.4.
    The FotoWare Update Assistant will migrate the existing database. We recommend backing up the mongodb database manually before installing the updated FotoWare version. Also worth noting is that the drive hosting the mongodb database will require additional space during the update as the database will be duplicated prior to migration. Roughly 1,5 times the size of the existing database size will be required. The space taken up by the additional database will be freed up after migration.
  • Changes to user password hashing for increased security. Make sure you learn about the changes and things to consider before upgrading.

Important things to note about this update

  • FotoWeb FR17 can no longer be installed on Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. The minimum required Windows Server version is 2016.
  • A downgrade from FR17 to earlier versions is not possible. The only way to downgrade is to restore the entire configuration from a backup.
  • FR17 includes an updated version of MongoDB (specifically, version 4.4). See the Changes section above for recommendations before proceeding with the update.
  • FotoWeb 7.0 can be upgraded directly to FotoWeb 8.0 FR17, so long as it runs on Windows Server 2016 or higher. 
  • FotoWeb 8.0 FR17 is the last version where updates from FotoWare 7.0 are supported. Future versions will only allow updates from FotoWare 8.0 and up.


Feature Release 15

March 2020

Product build numbers: 

FotoWeb 8.0 build 972

New features:


A host of bug fixes and minor user experience improvements - a complete list of fixes and changes is available in the release notes on the FotoWare Customer Portal.

Aug 2017 Update to the FotoWare 8.0 suite

August 2017

This release introduces FotoWare Protocol (FWP) version 2.0, which enables full client-server communications without requiring client access to Index Manager's document folders over Windows networking (SMB) or Apple File Protocol (AFP). This change affects FotoStation, Index Manager and Color Factory. Several new features not directly associated with the FWP 2.0 implementation have also been added, as outlined below.

Products and build numbers:

  • FotoStation 8.0 build 771
  • Index Manager 8.0 build 770
  • Color Factory 8.0 build 770

New and improved features:

Feature Release 10

June 2017

Product build numbers:

  • FotoWeb 8.0 build 810
  • Index Manager 8.0 build 766

New features:

Feature Release 9

October 2016

Product build numbers:

  • FotoWeb 8.0 build 790

New features:

Feature Release 5

April 2016

Product build numbers:

  • FotoWeb 8.0 build 730

New features:

Feature Release 4

February 2016

Product build numbers:

  • FotoWeb 8.0 build 724
  • Index Manager 8.0 build 720

New features:

Feature Release 3

October 2015

Product build numbers:

  • FotoWeb 8.0 build 715

New features:

Feature Release 2

August 2015

Product build numbers:

  • FotoWeb 8.0 build 710
  • Index Manager 8.0 build 708

New features:

Feature Release 1

June 2015

Product build numbers:

  • FotoWeb 8.0 build 705
  • Index Manager 8.0 build 705

New features: